Sea the Change Contest & Submission Guidelines

Ready to jump in? Read the contest guidelines and follow the submission instructions below. Need more info? You can read all about the Sea the Change Youth Summit in this student-written blog, and you can find all the Youth Summit Packets and Toolkits here.


  1. Contest Rules
    • Read the Bow Seat 2017 Ocean Awareness Contest rules so you know the name of the game. The Sea the Change Contest follows the exact same rules, though the submissions are due April 3rd.
    • Decide whether you want to create a work of:
      -Art     -Video     -Prose     -Poetry
    • Secure an Adult Sponsor (sponsor can be a teacher, parent, or mentor).
  2. Report & Register
    • Before you can participate/submit an entry in each contest, you need to:
      • Report your group leader, team members, and adult sponsor to this registration form by Monday, Feb 20th.
      • Have your group leader create an account with Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest by Monday, Feb 27th.
  3. Research, Create, and Reflect!
    •  Prior to starting your project, assign and review responsibilities using this task sheet.
    • Use the Heal the Bay and the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness websites to research your topic and to find inspiration.
    • Create outlines, drafts, and the final product.
    • Write a 100-250 word reflection about your work to submit alongside your entry.
    • Submit consent forms for video submissions.
  4. Submit
    • Sea the Change Contest Deadline – April 3rd, 2017
      • Refer to the calendar page for more info.
    • Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest Deadline – June 19th, 2017
    • Name your files using the guide from the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest Rules
        • (ex: ART-JOHN-DOE)
        • (ex: PROSE-JANE-DOE-Reflection)
  5. Winners Announced
    • Sea the Change Contest Winner will be announced at the Earth Month Project Showcase at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium on April 15th, 2017.
    • Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest Winner will be announced in January 2018.


Congratulations on completing your entry. Please follow the file-naming instructions below and be sure to submit your entry/ies by April 3rd, 2017 11:59pm. (Please remember that each group can submit ONE entry per category)

Winners will be announced on April 15th at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium at the Sea the Change Art Showcase. Good luck!


To ensure consistency among all the project entries, we require every submission to be in a certain format.

Prose & Poetry — Submit these documents as a PDF.
insert naming scheme here

Art — You may submit 1-5 pictures; submit the pictures as a JPEG or PNG.
insert naming scheme here

Film — All video submissions must have accompanying Consent Forms (saved as PDFs) from the people visible in your film. (Please note that you will also need the Bow Seat Consent Forms for your June 19th submission.) Videos will be submitted as a YouTube link. Upload your film on YouTube and submit the YouTube link(s) to us.
Instructions on how to upload your video to YouTube:

  1. Sign into your YouTube account.
  2. Click on Upload at the top of the page.
  3. Before you start uploading the video you can chose the video privacy settings.
  4. Select the video you’d like to upload from your computer. You can also create a video slideshow or import a video from Google Photos.
  5. As the video is uploading you can edit both the basic information and the advanced settings of the video, and decide if you want to notify subscribers (if you uncheck this option no communication will be shared with your subscribers). Partners will also be able to adjust their Monetization settings.
  6. Click Publish to finish uploading a public video to YouTube. If you set the video privacy setting to Private or Unlisted, just click Done to finish the upload or click Share to privately share your video.
  7. If you haven’t clicked Publish, your video won’t be viewable by other people. You can always publish your video at a later time in your Video Manager.
  8. Here is a YouTube video explaining how to make a YouTube account and upload a YouTube video:

Reflection— Lastly, your reflection paper must also be submitted as a PDF.

Naming Your Files
Please name your files in the following manner:
Your Submission:

Additional Files (Optional, Art category only):

Your Reflection:

For example, Robert Wyland submitting photos of his painting would name his files:

And Sylvia Earle submitting her Poetry would name her files:

When you are ready to submit your project, simply click the button below.