Steps to Partnership

Steps to Partnering with Club Heal the Bay

You’ll notice that you can get your club on its way to environmental stewardship by following the 4 steps listed below.


Check out the Steps to Partnership and find the links you need listed below.

Step 1: Register your group!
Find club members and get excited to become ambassadors for Heal The Bay! First things first, using this link register your Club online.

Step 2: Get Oriented
Once your Club is registered, schedule a presentation at you school with OR send your core members to a Volunteer Orientation at Heal the Bay’s Main Office in Santa Monica.

Step 3: Complete a Project
When your club is ready to dive in, select and complete a project from the Get Involved page. Remember to take pictures of your adventures along the way.

Step 4: Share it!
For every project your club completes, fill out a Share it! project completion form. We will post your blog here and award your club 1 Club Drop for your efforts.

 Step 5: Earn Club Drops
For every project you complete and blog you share, your club earns Club Drops. You will earn certificates of recognition and/or awards based on the number of Club Drops your club earns throughout the year.

Learn more about the benefits of the partnership on the Club Drops Page.

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