Steps to Partnership

Steps to Partnering with Club Heal the Bay

You’ll notice that you can get your club on its way to environmental stewardship by following the 4 steps listed below. For a more detailed overview of the Club Heal the Bay Partnership Program check out our Prezi.
An introduction to Club HtB and how YOU can get involved


Check out the Steps to Partnership and find the links you need listed below.

Step 1: Register your group!
Find club members and get excited to become ambassadors for Heal The Bay! First things first, using this link register your Club online.

Step 2: Get Oriented
Once your Club is registered, schedule a presentation at you school with OR send your core members to a Volunteer Orientation at Heal the Bay’s Main Office in Santa Monica.

Step 3: Complete a Project
When your club is ready to dive in, select and complete a project from the Get Involved page. Remember to take pictures of your adventures along the way.

Step 4: Share it!
For every project your club completes, fill out a Share it! project completion form and email 1-3 pictures of your project to We will post your blog here and award your club 1 Club Drop for your efforts.

 Step 5: Earn Club Drops
For every project you complete and blog you share, your club earns Club Drops. You will earn certificates of recognition and/or awards based on the number of Club Drops your club earns throughout the year.

Learn more about the benefits of the partnership on the Club Drops Page.


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