Share it! Project Reporting Form

We like to recognize the hard work that our volunteers, scientists, members, and fundraisers put into protecting the health of our oceans. In order to track and showcase your club’s hard work, we will be posting your club achievements onto the Club Heal the Bay Blog.


 What you do:

Every time that you and your club complete a project, fill out a Share it! reporting form and email 1-3 photographs you took during your project to Halina Do-Linh ( . Make sure to highlight what you did, what you liked, and what you learned.
Finished a project with your club and ready to earn a Club Drop? Please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible so that I may post your experiences onto the Club Heal the Bay Blog. You can use Section 2 of this form to help you craft your blog article OR you can use Section 3 to write a free form article. Using Section 3 allows for more creativity and is good for practicing your writing skills so I encourage you to try the free form response!

What we do:

Once we receive your project reporting form, upload your blog and photos your club will have officially earned a Club Drop!

All you need are 3 Club Drops to secure your club’s invitation to the year-end Beach Club Party. Hope to see you there!



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