MKHS Cleans Ballona Creek

IMG_0982 - MKHS Heal the Bay

Author: Valerie Dao
Club: Mark Keppel High School Heal the Bay Club

IMG_1015 - MKHS Heal the BayOur group of 18 Mark Keppel High School Heal the Bay members were involved in cleaning the Ballona creek along the Playa del Rey on the morning of October 21st, 2017. Our members arrived very early in the morning at the location provided for the creek clean up. We were able to help carry the boxes and tables to assist the set up of the morning clean up event. We listened to the instruction and direction for the clean up and split up into groups of 3-4 members set out to clean the edge of the creek.IMG_1016 - MKHS Heal the Bay

At the end of around 2 hours clean up, the group of volunteers were able to collect up to 25 pounds of trash from the area. This was our first Heal the Bay beach cleanup event and all members had pleasing day cleaning up the creek. Some of us got our shoes wet as we tried too hard to collect the trash floating inside the creek. The uneven rocks around the creek made it fun to walk on. It felt more like a school field trip as members chatted among themselves as they collected the litter.

IMG_1021 - MKHS Heal the BayAs a club, we have learned the effects of the trash we see in the streets of LA and the path it gets to the ocean. We’ve also learned the importance of safely disposing of our trash and taking care of our environment if we wanted to enjoy the beauty of nature. After the event, all members felt satisfied at our work and agreed that this event was a good way to spend the day.

This cleanup allowed us to make new friends and create new memories with our own friends. We had enjoyed the view while cleaning the trash and can’t wait until the next cleanup we participate in!

CCD 2017 – Campus Cleanup at Mark Keppel High School


Members of Mark Keppel High School’s Heal the Bay Club

MKHS Campus Cleanup – 9.16.2017
Author: Valerie Dao

On September 16, 2017, the Heal the Bay club of Mark Keppel High School held a campus cleanup at their school’s track field. The event started at 9 am and lasted about one hour and five minutes. There were 31 participants. The board members split up the event participants into groups of 4-5. These groups then dispersed throughout the track area, cleaning up the field and taking note of the type of trash they collected.


Taking a break from cleaning trash to pose for a photo!

Some of the unusual trash items they found were a baseball, a football, a plunger, and a whole pie in its pie tin. The participants were surprised to find out how much trash they had collected, as the track field did not seem to have that much trash at first glance when the cleanup started. By the end of the event, the Heal the Bay cleanup group had collected about eight full bags of trash and half a box of glass. The club calculated, using the Clean Swell app, that 192.93 pounds of trash were collected.


An interesting find during the cleanup!

Most of the trash that was collected were paper trash, food wrappers, plastic bags, and miscellaneous plastic/foam pieces.  The event ended with tired participants having satisfaction to have prevented all of this trash to be going elsewhere. Volunteers were provided with snacks and cold bottles of water, which they happily enjoyed.

This was Heal the Bay club’s first event, and the board members and advisor were very glad about the outcome of the event. They hope to continue having events like this one in the future.