iNaturalist Tutorial

Blitz the Bay Using the iNaturalist App or Website

By downloading the iNaturalist app to your smartphone and making an account, you can start uploading pics of your urban ecosystem today.

Always wondered what that tree was on the corner of your block is called, or what bush was growing in your backyard? With the iNaturalist app, you can crowd source the answers and identify all the life in your neighborhood.

Thanks to the hard work of the blitzers at San Mateo County Parks, we have an iNaturalist tutorial to get you blitzing in no time flat!

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Blitz the Bay Club Challenge Rules

We’ve offered a special training on the iNaturalist application to our youth groups at our Blitz the Bay Youth Summits in Pacoima and in Playa Vista and now they are ready to compete in our Blitz the Bay Club Challenge.

To compete in the Club Challenge,

  1. your middle or high school club or group must notify Jenn Swart ( of your club’s name.
  2. Your group members must download, install and create an account on iNaturalist.
  3. Upload as many observations* and species as you can from Feb 27th to May 21st to win prizes.
  4. Make sure your group’s name is the FIRST words added to the observation’s description.

The description must state your group's name to be counted in the competition