This page is a compilation of various resources for you to help you prepare for the next step after high school.

FREE Classes for California High School Students

Though classes have already started, you could have a look at the catalog and see if there are any classes you would be interested in for next year!


Disney’s Summer of Service


Now through September 30th, individuals ages 5-18 can apply for a $500 grant. That’s free money to make a difference in your community! Select grantees will have a chance to be recognized by Disney, ABC, Freeform, or their local ABC station.

Grant applications can be submitted at

Looking for resources to help start a service project? Go to

Open Courseware Consortium


This program provides free and open college- and university-level educational materials online, anytime.

The Saylor Foundation


This foundation provides free and open college-level courses to students without registrations or fees.