Mark Keppel High School Heal the Bay Club Tabling Event!

MKHS Heal the Bay club participated in a tabling event on April 21, 2018. This tabling was part of Monterey Park’s Earth Day celebration. Volunteers from Mark Keppel High’s Heal the Bay club helped spread the word about Heal the Bay and their mission to the residents of Monterey Park. Their booth had a game with Heal the Bay prizes and flyers promoting current Heal the Bay campaigns such as Strawless Summer. In the game, participants had to categorize trash, represented by the

tennis balls(the names of the trash were written in marker on the ball), into four disposal boxes marked “E-Waste, Toxic, Recyclable, and Trash that should not be in the Ocean.” If the participant was able to make at least three “trash” tennis balls into the correct box(es), they were able to receive a Heal the Bay sticker, Heal the Bay bookmarks, candy, or an adorable Seal card with information about Heal the Bay on its back. For example, there was a tennis ball labeled “plastic”, and the participant would identify it as a recyclable and make it into the “Recyclable ” bin or “Trash that should no

t be in the Ocean”. The category marked “Trash that should not be in the Ocean” was a trick question because all trash thrown into that box would be valid. The project began about 6 months before Earth Day to contact the city of Monterey Park’s representatives to ask for a table at the Earth Day festival. Other environmental clubs at Mark Keppel were also collaborating for this event, so communication was key. While that was happening, the game had to be planned. A game would entice participants to come visit the booth and would be a fun way to promote the club and Heal the Bay. Lastly, the materials for the tabling event were sent by mail, tabling shifts were filled by MKHS Heal the Bay club members, and the tabling event was ready!

Strangely, a lot of participants did not realize that all the tennis balls could go in the box “Trash that should not be in the Ocean.” When volunteers told participants of this, the participants laughed at themselves for not noticing this. Some members also showed off their hand-eye coordination while playing the tossing game. One visitor who worked for the LA sanitation department shared his gratitude for our efforts and Heal the Bay’s programs. Club members and participants learned about our effects of pollution and responsible waste disposal. Club members also worked on their social and public speaking skills while talking to participants. Hopefully this tabling event will spark more eco-friendly action in Monterey Park and encourage residents to come to one of Heal the Bay’s beach cleanups. This project was a new and beneficial experience for many club members. We would definitely join another Ecosummit organization again.


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