Water Artwork by Hannah Megery

Hannah Megery is a 17 year old multi media artist. Her mediums include oil paint, acrylics, pen & ink, watercolor, graphite, pyrography (wood-burning), charcoal, and vinyl.  She has been taking art classes since she was 10 years old, and before that her father was teaching her.

We asked her how the ocean and water inspire her water artwork. Check out her response and stunning artwork below.


I am deeply fascinated by water and how much force this simple chemical compound holds. As a lifelong resident of Pacific Palisades, I grew up right beside the ocean and, eventually, became a certified lifeguard. From these experiences I’ve learned that water has the power to both give and take away life. I came to understand water as a unique entity with a highly unpredictable personality. Now, in high school, I’m furthering my understanding of the ocean and aquatic life, and expressing my love for protecting them through painting.

My artwork explores water’s many relationships with society and the earth. Every living thing depends on water’s abundance and benevolence, yet water also has the power to destroy entire civilizations when we turn a blind eye to today’s environmental issues. I investigated water’s initial beauty and ability to sustain and protect life; but as society drains resources, pollutes oceans, and quickens the pace of climate change, I explored how these events alter water’s impacts. Ultimately, water becomes a life force that defines the world’s successes and critical failures.

Through this artwork, the viewer is able to gain a newfound respect and appreciation for water as if it were a person with thoughts and feelings. I intend to continue painting water in the hopes of inspiring others to preserve our world. My goal is that one day, my art can be used as a conduit for environmental advocacy and stewardship across the globe! – Hannah Megery 


To see more of Hannah’s art visit her website.

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