Hi All!


As we’re in the midst of summer activities and fun, I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself. My name’s Zoë Scott and I’m the new Programs Coordinator at Heal the Bay, and will be coordinating with Club Heal the Bay partners for the upcoming school year to think about the club’s goals, plan events and activities, and recognize clubs that have gone above and beyond to be environmental stewards! I am super excited to work with all of Los Angeles’ amazing school clubs and learn more about your goals and passions, so here’s a bit about myself and how I came to Heal the Bay.

Back when I was younger, before I even knew about Heal the Bay, my love for the ocean was ignited by family trips to Monterey and Morro Bay. Walking along the beach, wading through the tide pools, and eventually swimming in the ocean sparked my curiosity for what lay beneath the water’s surface. I went on to study Aquatic Biology at University of California, Santa Barbara for my undergraduate degree, where I volunteered at the Ty Warner Sea Center to share my knowledge about the ocean with the public and educate them about local organisms and environmental issues. Throughout taking courses at UCSB, I became interested in topics like invasive species, community ecology, and marine protection/environmental studies, which inspired the research for my master’s degree at California State University, Northridge. I studied invasive species in harbors and marinas not unlike the ones local to Los Angeles, and wanted to know how the invasive species affected the organisms calling those marinas home.

When I wasn’t leaning over docks at harbors or identifying tiny invertebrates under a scope, I did science outreach at local elementary and middle schools to teach students about scientific concepts and careers through hands-on activities and engaging them with guest speakers. The connections I made with students were so rewarding, and I am overjoyed to get to do the same with the Club Heal the Bay partners! So enjoy the rest of your summer, and get excited for this next year’s activities!