Environmental Fair at the Arboretum

Nature’s Own at the Arboretum Environmental Fair

 Environmental Fair at the Arboretum
By Diana Juarez of Luskin Academy’s Nature’s Own Club

Last Saturday, March 25th 2017, our environmental club and volunteers from our school went to an environmental fair at the Los Angeles County Arboretum. The objective of the trip was to inform the audience about the daily environmental problems that we as students face in our community.

Nature’s Own Information Booth

These problems ranged from water pollution to food desserts to carbon footprints. In the end, we wanted to inform people of ways that our communities are being harmed but we also presented possible actions that could be taken to better it. Those solutions ranged from small personal solutions, like following a daily earth friendly activity, to large city-wide solutions, like implementing drought friendly pavement in our cities.

When we arrived to the Arboretum we were walked to where our booth was stationed. There, we set up our presentations and went to see other projects. The topic our project was focused on was ocean pollution, storm water runoff, carbon footprints, storm desserts and wind power. We had a windmill activity so that the audience could engage in the presentation as well. We also took a tour in the Arboretum and learned about the different gardens that were located there.

Bringing People Together for Environmental Education

While taking our tour of the Arboretum gardens we saw many peacocks walking freely among the people. There were also small animals like bunnies and lizards that were found all over the arboretum. We presented our project and many people were interested in the damaged sea turtle that is caused by ocean runoff. Many of the audience also took pictures of our Earth month Challenge in an effort to create a much cleaner environment for everyone.

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