Club Day Fundraising at SaMoHi


Heal the Bay Club at Santa Monica High School is aiming to raise $1,000 in donations for Heal the Bay this year.

Club Day Fundraising at SaMoHi
By Katie Osaki of Santa Monica High School’s Heal the Bay Club

See how this Club is having fun while raising funds for a great cause– clean oceans!

At Santa Monica High School (SaMoHi), every semester at least once, we hold a day coined Club Day, where clubs can sell food for the student body to purchase . During this time, each participating club gets a chance to fundraise for the various causes they support. Whether it’s the ACLU or the Natural Wildlife Reserve, each club works toward bettering the community in many unique ways.


Image shared on SaMoHi’s Instagram to advertise their Club Day booth

Our club, Heal the Bay at SaMo, dedicated our fundraising campaigns to reach our $1,000 goal to donate to the Heal the Bay organization. At Club Day, we ironically sold sushi and Arizona Ice Tea, however the sushi was sustainable and consisted of California rolls and cucumber rolls.

At the sound of the lunch bell, floods of people crowded around different tables, scavenging for food. Our table, being a popular one, sold the majority of our product within the first 15 minutes of lunch. As the flow of people began to slow down, we were only left with two trays of sushi and a few Arizona’s. However, by the end of lunch we sold all our products, making a profit of $130.

While selling, our team of Heal the Bay members competed with the booth next to us which was selling Sunny Blue Omasubi, which is rice and a flavor of your choice wrapped in seaweed. We both yelled and hollered, waving around signs trying to get more business than the other club.

Last year, we participated in two of the Club Days hosted by ASB and made a profit off of both, getting us closer and closer to our donation goal of $1,000 by the end of this year.

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