Venice High Cleans Venice Beach


Buckets of Trash from Venice Beach

Keeping our beaches clean takes buckets of work

Venice High Cleans Venice Beach
By: Chris Selvo; Venice High School’s Heal the Bay Club

It was Saturday, September 10th, when Venice High School Heal the Bay went out on an excursion for a beach cleanup at Venice Pier. A dozen avid volunteers from the club humbly dedicated a few hours of their day, from 10am to 1pm, to picking up litter off the shore.

First I set up camp at a set of tables where volunteers could sign in, grab a snack, and pick up a bucket. Next, volunteers did all those things and started cleaning up the beach. After volunteers brought back their buckets full of trash, we decided to take pictures showing just how much we cleaned up.

All in a day’s work for these Venice High Heal the Bay Club members

There’s always something bizarre to find in the sand at Venice Beach, especially this weekend, when one volunteer uncovered a huge bottle of unopened liquor! It caused quite a commotion. Still, it was another piece of trash to us, so we kept it in one of our buckets just to add variety to our photos, and we were planning on throwing it out immediately afterwards. The weird thing is that after we all took a bathroom/snack break away from our camp, we came back to find the bottle gone! Someone must have rummaged through our garbage to find it, how crazy is that? One man’s trash is another one’s treasure, literally.

This past weekend’s beach cleanup taught us about the importance of footwear. Volunteers pointed out to me the number of very dangerous items they found on the beach that could harm unprotected feet, such as broken glass bottles, hypodermic needles, and various other sharp and chemically hazardous materials. Now our club makes it absolutely mandatory to wear footwear, at least sandals, when out on the sand.

Good footwear is important to avoid dangers on the beach such as this hypodermic needle, on the beach

Good footwear is important to avoid dangers on the beach such as this hypodermic needle.

My club engages in this kind of project regularly, and it always makes for a fun day where students/volunteers go out to the beach and help their community and subsequently, the Earth in the process. Taking pictures of what we accomplished is what I believe made this cleanup especially memorable and fun, though. I encourage all other clubs to have some fun and take pics for the HtB blog, gram, and snap!

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