SaMoHi Blitzes Tongva Park

Tongva Park on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. Photo: Fruscoe Engineering

Tongva Park on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica

Santa Monica High School Blitzes Tongva Park
By: Katie Osaki of the Santa Monica High School Heal the Bay Club

Photos were added to iNaturalist to the Blitz the Bay Club Challenge

Photos were uploaded to iNaturalist as a part of the Blitz the Bay Club Challenge

On Friday, May 20th, 2016 our club met up in front of City Hall in Santa Monica to begin our BioBlitz at Tongva Park across the street. Continue reading

Global Solutions for Ocean Pollution

Trash wave

We should’t have to worry about trashy waves!

Global Solutions for the World’s Ocean Pollution
By Fallon Rabin, president of the ACE Recycle Club

On Wednesday Arpil 20th, 2016 ACE Recycle Club’s Fallon Rabin attended the “Stopping Ocean Pollution” workshop hosted by the Clean Technology Council in Thousand Oaks, CA. The problems she learned about can be viewed as disheartening, but Fallon found inspiration by exploring the solutions.  Continue reading