Viewpoint HtB Club Adopts Zuma Beach


Viewpoint Heal the Bay Club celebrates their first cleanup at Zuma Beach

Viewpoint Heal the Bay Club Adopts Zuma Beach
By Ben Moody, Club President

Last Saturday on February 6th, Viewpoint school’s Heal the Bay Club had our first Adopt-a-Beach cleanup at Zuma Beach. We found many things, ranging from sleeping bags to rusty metal bars (eek!).

Although Zuma is regarded as being one of the cleanest beaches in Southern California, we still found a lot of trash, as we weighed all of our trash in the end and found that we had collected 29 pounds! We covered most of the beach, and found many animals and wildlife on the way.

After our clean-up we all stuck around at the beach and swam. At one point, we even saw a seal wash up onto the shore! This brought our whole group together, as it allowed us to better understand why we are helping these animals, and cleaning up beaches.


A marine mammal came for a visit at Viewpoint’s beach cleanup!

We see the effect that pollution and the climate has on the animals and wildlife, and helping these animals is not only extremely rewarding, but also it helps the environment and society as a whole.


2 thoughts on “Viewpoint HtB Club Adopts Zuma Beach

  1. Viewpoint Heal the Bay Club, you have now earned 3 Club Drops and are officially invited to the year end beach celebration, congratulations!

    When determining whether the marine mammal you see is a seal or a sea lion, remember that seals have very short flippers and wriggle on their bellies when on land. They also lack visible ear flaps, meaning their ears look like little holes on the side of their heads. In contrast, sea lions have long flippers that they use to “walk” with on land, have a loud bark, and have visible ear flaps meaning their ears look like they have little wings coming out of their heads.


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