Kicking Off the Year

Photo 1

By: Ben Moody, President of Viewpoint Heal the Bay Club

Viewpoint School had its first official clean-up today, at our own school! We have a small creek that runs throughout the school and we thought “what better place to kick off our year than at our school?”

Thanks to our club advisor Mr. Yates, we were able to gain access to the creek and even go in the water to search out the trash that hides beneath the surface. It was a very eventful and fun afternoon, as we picked up a total of 5 pounds of trash.

We also discussed how we are helping our school, as well as the environment. One thing that was very commonly picked up, was plastic. In our school, we have a school food store, and many kids go there throughout the day to get snacks. Although, when they are finished with their snacks, they often throw their trash into the creek, causing the creek to become dirty and unnatural.We talked to other kids throughout the day about this problem, and we hoped to inspire them to not pollute our beautiful campus.

All in all, it was a very fun day, full of laughs, excitement, and of course, trash.

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